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Virgin Home Buyers
October 13, 2009, 5:20 pm
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First a recap:

Friday 7:35: View listing of home.  First “I think this might be it” moment.

Friday 10:20am: Book showing for saturday.

Saturday 11:15 am: Liz visits house while Eric goes to Gophers game.

Saturday 12:45pm:  Liz calls Eric says he should come look at the house after the game.  Repeats “I think this it”-like comments.

Satuday 2:20pm:  Eric walks around house, talks about woodwork.  Pretends to look investigative-ly at the furnace and soffits.  Loves the house.

Saturday 2:45pm: Decide to put an aggresive offer on under-priced house.  $10,000 above asking price.

Sunday: Realtor submits offer, finds out offers will be sent to seller Monday morning.

Monday 7:30a.m – 6:30pm:  Check email on average of six times on the hour.

Monday 6:35pm: Paige calls.  Liz sighs.  We were first this morning but then someone blew our bid out of the water.  Back to square one.


Its like we went on a first and second date and it went AWEsome.  And so we proposed.  We called friends and family.  She took a day to think about it and in the meantime some other guy, probably European, came  in and dropped a 1 carat diamond and we were left in a Stevens Square apartment with the heater broken.

I’m being dramatic.  But it is crazy how fast such big decisions happen in this house-buying market.  We’re bummed but not crushed.  Advice to self:  Don’t get to second base with a house that hasn’t said “I do”.


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I love the “romance” analogy… it’s very fitting.

Don’t worry… there are other fish in the sea…

Comment by drun11

The speed at which house “buying” happens can be mind-numbing for sure. We were super nervous when we were putting in offers. Here’s a nickels worth of free advice: Our winning offer included a short “cover letter” complimenting the condition of the house and how the owners must have great pride in it, and a phrase about how it work be a perfect first home for a young couple starting a family, etc.
Our realtor said it was pretty common during the housing boom for people to use short cover letters to make their offer stand out. Just an idea.

Comment by drew

But write the letter in the first person of course, if you choose to do so.

Comment by drew

I’m sorry, Eric & Liz…
prayed for you with the boys at naptime…
for you to find the exact right house to become your home…

Comment by sarah

Never propose without meeting the parents first. 🙂

Comment by Billy Shaw

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