In the Winds

Andy Goldsworthy
September 3, 2009, 1:46 pm
Filed under: Art

Last week while rummaging through a thrift store I stumbled on an old coffee table book “Andy Goldsworthy: A Collaboration with Nature.”  The name caught my eye, I remembered being introduced to this artist in a college art class.   I bought the book and revived my fascination with the man’s unique gifts and vision.

Goldsworthy medium is strictly nature.  Pure and without  supplement.   He uses whatever he can find: rocks, leaves, bark, snow, ice, twigs, feathers, petals–and creates striking sculpture.   What I appreciate is that his work is not just enticing visually, it is also innovative and philosophical.  He often creates a sculpture that is destined for destruction, whether it will come from a slight gust of wind or the looming ocean tide.  He loves to embrace that tension and witness nature as a state of perpetual change and motion.   Seasons, and tides, and sunlight, and temperature….they are constantly changing.  His work attempts to interact with the beauty of that motion.

If you are a Net Flix person (and actually sections of it might be on youtube), and are remotely intrigued, I would highly recommend the documentary called “Rivers and Tides” which is all about the work of Goldsworthy.  Sometimes you see an amazing sculpture and you say “how’d he do that?”….its cool to actually get an answer to that question in the film.


Rowan leaves laid around a hole

Broken Pebbles

Broken pebbles

sticks lake

Knotweed stalks made complete by reflection


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