In the Winds

Just another day at the office…
May 21, 2009, 11:05 am
Filed under: Korea

10:45 – walk downhill through torrential downpour. Umbrella uselessness.

11:20 – open the door to my classroom, the oven. Kevin – age 7 –  yells the word “poop.” Twice. Peals of laughter ensue.

11:45 – Jamie – age 6 –  sneezes on my arm.

12:30 – Matthew – age 7 –  comes out of the bathroom, does NOT wash his hands, and tries to touch my nosering.

1:40 – Shaun – age 4 – tries to climb out the 2nd story window.

2:15 – Aimee – also age 4 – actually falls out of her chair in a dead sleep (she’s been in school since 9:40).

3:30 – I am old. These children have never seen even a picture of a rotary phone in their 8 years of life.

4:20 – My classroom smells like warm feet. Isaac – age 8 – tries to stick his fingers in the fan when my back is turned.

5:00 – I see Heath – age 9 – drinking with his mouth ON the water fountain. Cups are an arm’s length away.

5:45 – walk back up the hill through a humid mist. Backsweat.

6:00 – Eric – age 27 – orders a pizza.

I love my days: Always unhygienic. Never boring.




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Coincidentally I yell “poop” twice every morning at work… however, nobody laughs…

Comment by Darren

that might be my favorite comment so far.

Comment by ericberget

Love your descriptions Liz! Especially this one: “My classroom smells like warm feet.” sounds like fun! 🙂 Lots of little kids together in one room does tend to have a certain stench to it. Thanks for taking the time to blog. Love it!!

Comment by Alyssa

Sounds like my days as a mom! Over and over and over and over and over again. You think there would be some remembering of your reminders. 😉 not so. So I think you’ll be well-prepared for the rigors and frustrations of motherhood. Really what it boils down to is the ability to laugh at it all …which you do pretty well, Liz. 🙂

Comment by saspinall

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