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Baseball in Busan
May 5, 2009, 5:22 am
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To the Battle Hymn of the Republic:

(Pronounced: Low-tay or more accurately Row-tay)
Lotte, Lotte, Lotte, Lotte,
Lotte, Lotte, Lotte, Lotte,
Lotte, Lotte, Lotte, Lotte,
Lotte Giants!


A few weekends ago, we finally went to our first baseball game in Korea, to see Busan’s team – the Lotte Giants – play a team from Seoul – the LG Twins. A lazy afternoon of sitting with a Dome Dog, only occasionally standing up to applaud a good hit this was not. We could hear the crowd cheering from well outside the stadium. Each player has his own individual chant, which EVERYONE in the crowd sings, while clapping together noise makers. There aren’t too many foreign players, but this video is for a player named Garcia, though Koreanized, it’s GarCHia.

In the background of this picture, you can see the “Enthusiasm Section.” Led by something like a male cheerleader, this section is where “The Wave” originates and is the source of hours of uninterrupted cheering.


By the end of the game, most of the crowd is wearing bright orange plastic bags on their heads – we’re still not sure if this is their version of a rally cap or if it’s simply an economic way of wearing team colors.

Me and our friend Paige from work.

Me and our friend Paige from work.


The game finished with a Giants victory and a few more minutes with the cutouts than we expected 🙂

Our friend Josh - also from work.

Our friend Josh - also from work.


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A great inside look into Korean Culture. Thank you for that! I think when you come back we need to get a group of people together and go to a Twins game with plastic bags on our heads 🙂

Comment by Billy Shaw

Billy beat me to the punch…

At first I totally thought that first picture of Eric looking through the cutout was photoshopped!?

Also it’s pretty crazy to see a baseball stadium completely packed out… and that looks like a big stadium.

Comment by Darren

That was great – had a good laugh at the orange caps. They really get into the cheering.

Comment by Mom B.

You are slipping Darren! Let this be a lesson to you that we are always one step away from being overtaken by the next person down on the totem pole who waits like a Tiger to pounce at just the opportune moment!!! Be vigilant Darren, be VERY vigilant.

Comment by Billy

brad and i love the cardboard cut-out photos the very best…

Comment by sarah

Ah, outdoor baseball. I am going to possibly my last Twins Metrodome game on Memorial Day. I hope we can crush the Red Sox. Thanks for the post. Looking forward to your return to the states!

Comment by drew

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