In the Winds

Crimson Wine
December 6, 2008, 2:27 pm
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We’ve put alot of pictures and updates on the blog, but haven’t really used it as a place of reflection or expression.  We have no news, and no new pictures…so…I thought I would post lyrics to one of the songs i’ve been working on.  Enjoy.

Crimson Wine

Thunder on the hardwood, riddle on rhyme

There’s fear and freedom dear, but we’re almost out of time

Criss-cross dimensions, I trip my head on the heavenly

Your green eyes gaze at the landscapes of peace and poverty


Once was blind but crimson wine was poured for me

One Sunday ray turned streets of gray to ivory

(He laid me low) 3x


Parallel to the ocean we walk a crooked line

The night crawls, the shadow falls, like my grip upon the vine.

Silver lingers over black waters, its a midnight, moonlight low

But hope still groans on your weak bones and rides a wave into your radio


Once was blind but crimson wine was poured for me

One Sunday ray turned streets of gray to ivory


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At first I thought you said these where the lyrics to one of your favorite songs… so I tried to find the song. But then I reread it and realized you said lyrics to one of your songs. Nice work my friend. I like the words, I’m curious to hear the tune.

Coincidentally enough I actually found one song in iTunes titled Crimson Wine. It was a jazz song with no lyrics.

Comment by Darren Johnson

Hello there Bergets,
Benamine and I went to MN for thanksgiving and wished y’all (I’ve given up on trying to resist southspeak) were there to visit with. I still can’t believe you live in Korea! I’m so glad to have such adventuresome friends. Your pictures are incredible. All goes crazy but good here in Nashvegas. I’m busy with Nurse-Midwifery (my clinical site is 150 miles away in Mayfield, KY) and Ben is busy with still sucky work at T-Mobile and his volunteer work interning with our church. He’s learning a lot and being inspired. We couldn’t ask for a better little life. God is so faithful. We’ll be staying here for Christmas.
Anika (and Ben)

Comment by anika

Eric, I have always enjoyed your song writing, you have a vivid grasp of language and the soul of a starving poet clamoring for reality. Keep writing, we want more.

Comment by Billy Shaw

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