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Fad Recycling?
November 13, 2008, 1:45 pm
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slap-braceletPogs. Slap-bracelets. Are these making a comeback anywhere ELSE in the world? As of the last two months, they’re all the rage with the pre-pubescent Korean student demographic. We’re trying to figure out if this is a worldwide lame-fad renaissance, or if Korea’s just now catching the wave….20 years later.


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Wait… slap-bracelets went out of style… I’ve been wondering why everyone at work keeps giving me weird looks… gosh…

Comment by Darren

I am prone to think that this is a fad recycle.
Anything Eighties or early Nineties is now retro in the states. Music, fashion etc.
I have a feeling Korea is just ahead of the curve. Is anyone there safety pinning or rolling their pant legs yet?
I hope that gets skipped over this cycle. Sheesh!

Comment by Drew

Clearly the Koreans are a far more enlightened society. The problem with the snap bracelet revolution in the united states was that it did not go far enough! We did not have the courage nor the cultural determination to carry out our manifest destiny as a trend setting nation. I pray that the Koreans will now pick up where we left off and lead the world into a new shining era of peace, innovation, and wrist snapping!

Comment by Billy Shaw

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