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Techno PIFF and other tidbits
October 12, 2008, 12:36 pm
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Short Version:

Hi.  Film Festival in Busan was cool.  Leading worship is cool.  October is cool (68 degrees).

Long Version:

I thought it was about time to play catch-up.  We’ve had some blogworthy fun but have been lazy in our reflection skills.  So I guess we’ll just run through a few tidbits from BergetLand.

We are getting to feel more at home in our new church fellowship.  (Recap, our church is a body of about 50-80 people, English-speaking service, started 2 years ago).  I (Eric) have been a part of the worship team as of the last two Sundays (guitar/vocals).  Its been such a great experience so far.  I love it.  We went on a Friday/Saturday retreat with the church a few weeks ago.  It was a good chance to make some memories with our new friends and have some good seminars/discussions on Christian living.   Also, we jumped at the opportunity to do something ridiculous and cliche: tandem biking.

This past week we were excited at the arrival of the Pusan International Film Festival.  (PIFF) It’s no Sundance, but apparently its supposed to be the best film festival in Asia.  We were gone the opening weekend, but then we went to four films in four days.  The films were shown at various theaters in the city, and one venue was an outdoor theater.  So one night we threw on a sweatshirt and sat under the moon and beside the beach with the cityscape rising above the big screen.  You never quite know what you’re going to get with these films.  There were no trailers to watch so we just chose movies by reading the premise.  We saw a Korean film, a French film and two Romanian films (strangely).  It was hit and miss, one film I loved, one I liked and the other two were cool but not that engaging .  (sorry for the terse review Drew….this is already a long post).

I had a conversion with a Singaporean (?) friend who gave me a list of films that are representative of the “Korean style” of film making.  I’ll report back on a future post and give a legitimate review.

Other tidbits….Lauren Sauderstrom (friend from Minneapolis) lives in Busan now ?!  Crazy.  We met her and her boyfriend for the afternoon this weekend.  We felt like Busan veterans for the first time–bombarding them with tips and to-do’s.

We hung out with our co-teachers on the roof of our high rise apartment.  It was beautiful.  I haven’t used that word too many times in reference to Busan.  But with all the lights and layers of buildings, and Gwangali Bridge lit up in the distance, it really was a lot of fun.  Becca, one of our British teacher friends is a techno DJ.  She had her mixing equipment and was showing us how it works.  Really cool.

We had a field trip to Haeundae Beach with the little ones last week.  (Read: We descended upon the sand like locusts.  Cute, black haired, backpacked locusts).  I’ll post some pictures.

Okay…so maybe I’ll try to post more frequently so I don’t have to cram as much info into one post.  If you read all the down this far either you’re really bored or you really care about us, or both.  Either way, I guess no apology is required.




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Yep, I read your whole post and sounds like you’re having some great times – and yep, I miss you both and care about you much. Thinking of you:)

Comment by Mom B.

Clearly I care about you guys the most out of anyone because once again I’m the first commenter and I even waited all day to give other people a chance… so there… jk… but seriously…

Anyways sounds like you guys are having a wonderful time. It’s cool that Eric is leading worship, it’s cool that Lauren is there, and it’s cool you can both ride the same bike at the same time!!! The other stuff is cool too but those are the coolest. Speaking of things that are cool, I now have a blog myself. Check it out at:

There’s not much there yet but I hope to have some music reviews up soon.

Time for nachos…

Comment by Darren

In the last week I heard of two other people in Korea. While up north grouse hunting a guys daugther is doing exactly what you are doing in a city very near you but didnt get the name. Yesterday old friend Mark Watland told me his eldest son is at Univ in Seoul they live in Chengdu China now and son decided on Seoul to go to college. Oh yes I pot shot one grouse – gosh they are hard to hit…

Comment by Ron Berget

You guys are so Shad for Tandem Biking! That’s like the shaddest thing ever! 🙂 LOVE it! I’ve been thinking about you guys a lot lately, and missing you. So cool that you got to see Lauren! I think you are the first ones to meet Ian! Love you guys! Thanks for the update!

Comment by Melody

Lizzy, Lizzy, give me your answer do,
I’m half crazy all for the love of you.
It won’t be a stylish marriage.
I can’t afford a carriage.
But you’ll look sweet upon the seat
Of a bicycle built for two!

(By Eric) 🙂

Love the waterfalls! Better than the Road to Hana!! Miss you guys. Mom

Comment by Mom Kurtz

I love lamp

Comment by Billy Shaw

Sure enjoyed reading about you both. The pictures were a blessing. Keep seeking new fun and adventures daily…..Wisconsin is still here and BORING! Praying for you both
Love ya
Chuck and Karen

Comment by Karen & Chuck

Love catching up with your life over the blog. Glad to see that you are settling in and having some fun. Praying for you…many blessings, Sara

Comment by Sara Squibb

Neat bicycle, guys! I’m glad you are getting pictures of the two of you together and living up to your liz-eric-ness and talking in beauty and interestingness around you…
I promise I will email soon (hopefully today during the kids’ naps)(-:

Comment by Sarah

Got to the bottom cuz I care. It also took me a little time to read your post. Happy Birthday to you, Eric!

Comment by saspinall

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