In the Winds

Jeju Island
September 22, 2008, 9:43 am
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The rain came and went over the weekend

The rain came and went over the weekend


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First!!! (I’ve noticed on message boards that people get really excited to get the first comment, so they’ll say stuff like first, firsts or firstys…)

Anyways, nice pictures. They remind me of The Swiss Family Robinson. Except for that last picture, that one reminds me of… Singing in the Rain… or some other rain related movie.

Comment by Darren

Wow…that is truly beautiful….
Are the waterfalls close to you guys?
Love, Sarah

Comment by Sarah

inspiring photos, I love them. hope you guys are doing well. Blessings!!
Leslie –

Comment by Leslie

I like the blue lagoonish looking photo…I could imagine mermaids swimming in there 🙂

Comment by Rachel

Looks like a movie set for Swiss Family Robinsons beautiful place. BTW how about those Twins, one more tomorrow. Hey did you see my fish!

Comment by Ron

Nice Pics, who is the crazy Korean woman walking precariously near the falls? I miss you guys and want you to teleport home this weekend so we can go camping on the north shore. I am worried that you are slowly becoming more and more Korean each day! Liz has already adopted the cultural garb and Eric, I swear your cheekbones are higher than when you left! Please come back to us!

Comment by William Shaw

hey guys, I just started my own blog and I linked your blog on my site 🙂 I am still learning a lot about how wordpress works…miss you both

Comment by rachellovesfood

Hey you two! Love the photos. I feel like I get a glimpse into your life there each time I read your blog. It’s great! Glad that you have found a church to get involved with. Love the tandem bike photos! What a great experience God is giving you. I’m sure you’re learning a lot together. We miss you!

Comment by Alyssa Evertz

I love ALL of these pictures. Is it really called Jesus Island? Zierd.

Comment by Heidi

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