In the Winds

September 10, 2008, 11:56 am
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So am I in 2nd now? I loved the show. Good tunes. Solid execution right to the end.
Great to see you guys enjoying your stay. And Carmen too ([said in typical Hans Hettinga volume:] I never heard ANYTHING of a Eurica reunion in KOREA…save me a spot at the Nertz table–I’ll be right over!).
Happy Wednesday!

Comment by Tyler

Awww! Dang it. I miss you guys. Good music. Great pictures. So “YOU!!!!!” …that’s the me missing you guys part. Wish I could be experiencing life in person with you. Love you!

Comment by Melody

wow, great little movie 🙂 like the music

Comment by Rachel Johnson

Great! For not such a scenic area that was sure a scenic slide show. You’ve covered lots of ground in 1 month.

Comment by Ron B (DAD)

It is amazing how much the video looked like Williams Bay!!!!! Keep at it. Are you writing anything?

Comment by howard matson

All right all ready I have somede music for you guys to check out. I discover this cellist named Zoe Keating the other day. She performs with a cello, loop pedals, and a laptop. She’ll play loop and layer what she’s playing and it sounds like a whole string section… it’s amazing. Check her out at:

BTW I dig the video.

Comment by Darren

LOVE IT!! Miss you guys, too……that’s all I’ve got. I’m out of the contest. : (

Comment by g-unit

Love it you guys!!! liz- I leave in just over a month- crazy things are coming together. I can’t wait to get back to Goli. Come and visit!

Comment by Tara

What’s with all those people under umbrellas at the beach? Only one month down? 11 more to go??? Well, if the rest are anything like the first, it looks like it’ll be a blast! What a great adventure.

Word out to Pastor Matson for doing the blog thing–way to go!!!

Comment by Sharon Aspinall

I loved the slideshow. The musical accent was especially good. I was reminded, while watching, of what I label as “weird.” It’s not weird, it’s just different and very often in my little world in Minneapolis, I forget to make that distinction. Thanks for the reminder.
I sent Julie Haberle the link for your blog; she was asking about you when we were visiting their cabin last weekend.
We miss you! Hurry “home”! 🙂

Comment by Linnea

You don’t know me so I’m posting as anonymous. The reason I’m posting this comment is because I understand there is a comment contest taking place on this blog, and I think you should give Darren Johnson 2 points on my behalf.

Peace out,

Anonymous Hippopotamus

Comment by anonymous

Great slide show!…Great Music Choice!….ok, I’m just commenting so I can get a Korean prize 😦 <-My shame face.

Comment by Billy Shaw

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