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August 21, 2008, 1:42 pm
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Anyone who has ever created a blog knows the strange joy and unnecessary insecurity wrapped around receiving comments. Therefore, we first apologize for our past e-transgressions. We have not always been punctual with comments to your blogs of beauty. We see the statistics of people reading this blog, so we know there are many of you that are dropping in. (Thanks!)…. Nonetheless, we crave dialogue. And we as teachers believe in incentives. Maybe stickers won’t work, but we thought we would give something else a try.

Henceforth, we will be having a comment CONTEST! One point for every (legitimate) comment. Two points for those that we subjectively deem especially insightful/humorous/breathtaking. (We are not kidding).

We will be keeping a running tally.  The top three comment-leavers, by the end of the year, will receive a South Korean souvenir. We’re not talking a simple T-shirt here….we’ll make it worth your while.


1. Dana/Drew – 3 comments;  Billy/Marta – 3 comments

2. Sarah/Brad – 2 comments;  Darren/Rachel – 2 comments; Paul/Linnea – 2 comments

3. Many tied for third with 1 comment

Yes, we think we’re funny.  But, yes, we are serious about the prizes.  We will update the leaderboard on a monthly basis.    (!!!)

P.S.  for Heidi:  This was Eric’s idea.  Competition must be contagious.


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But there’s the catch — is an asked for comment worth as much as an unrequested one? Someone can ask for flowers and get them, or just get them… 🙂

Comment by Neil

So this is your blog! Am I late in getting it? I’ve been looking for info and updates on you two!

Comment by Sharon Aspinall

How many stories can I tell you of my children that are humorous and can make you laugh? How many insights from being a parent can I give you that make you think? Is there a thing as ‘potential points’? 😉 What about links to something humorous? Why should I do all the work??? 🙂 Go to my profile of facebook and watch a video of Abby doing peek-a-boo to Shawn in the highchair and you’ve got laughter. New points for this insight: Make sure you have sex…now while you can. 😉 You’ll miss it when you have two children. 😀

Comment by Sharon Aspinall

obviously we know who is going to win…..

i’m just saying…

Comment by jamie heller

I’ve officially entered the competition…my goal: something sweet from Korea 🙂

Comment by Rachel Johnson

Ok Im in -I like a good contest. Check – I made a retro comment atf. I think it should count.

Comment by Ron B

Please say that none of the prizes in anyway resemble or bring to mind Penis Fish.
Cordially, the Johannsens

Comment by Sarah

what do I do for hilarious pictures that won’t paste onto your blog? Points still count for emails sne tot you? I’m going for it.

Comment by Sharon Aspinall

Okay you funny two- I need to see some great pictures of you two- maybe dressed up in traditional clothes:). Missing ya- Tara

Comment by Tara

I’m with Sharon – I’d rather respond with an email to just you. I think that should count, b/c in that case i’m now up to three.

Comment by G-unit

Is your spirit of competition ignited by the Olympics? Isn’t the motto of the Olympics that the most important thing is not to have won, but to have participated? What about those unsung commenters who come in last place? Who took the effort to just talk to you and threw winning to ‘the winds’ fierce competitors only to stand by and cheer? (Did any of that make sense?) 🙂

Comment by Sharon Aspinall

Insightful? Not so much, but it causes pondering: Why is there Braille on a drive-thru ATM?

Comment by Sharon Aspinall

wow. sorry. late to the party. Looks like Sharon kicked us out of the leader position. ouch. thought we were going to get cool Korean keepsake just for knowing you. now we have to compete with all these people we don’t know? We have a baby, does that give us a handicap in the scoring? This could get ugly……
but this still counts as a legitimate comment. right?
We have been busy but doing well. have you checked out any Korean baseball yet?
Do you have your absentee presidential ballot yet?

Comment by Drew

Bonfire last night–how come you didn’t come? No bonfires in the cities of South Korea, huh? And no celebrating Labor Day, eh? When’s the next holiday for you guys? Enlighten us on your new culture.

Shawn turns 1 next week! Abby will help me make chocolate cupcakes.

You were insturmental in me starting a blog w/ WordPress. Nice custom header. Perhaps you could give me tips.

Well, have a good one. SA

Comment by Sharon Aspinall

Eric and Liz: I fully intending on winning this competition. I am teaching in Willmar and have nothing else to do. I am teaching at a dentention center where I am dealing with murderers and rapists. It has provided me with a great ministry. Glad to hear that you both are doing well. I am proud of both for your courage and determination. I look forward to the updates and now comments from me:)

Many Blessings, Sara

Comment by Sara Squibb

Shameless! You’ve stooped to bribing your friends to communicate with you, it is despicable.

I’m IN!

Comment by Ben

Question…Can one score multiple points per post? Or can we only score one point per post no matter how many comments we leave. This is critically important to my gametime strategy.

Comment by Ben

hmmmm…all these comments are making me wish i had a little more of a competitive bug in me.

Comment by Hannah

80% of people who are Christians make that decision to follow Jesus before they are 18 years old.

Comment by Sharon Aspinall

60% of those were promised candy for making that decision. Many are still waiting.

Comment by Billy Shaw

Since you mentioned my name in the contest thing, I thought I’d at least try to make a stretch for getting some comments in. Also, I did something competitive this weekend- played Risk! and didn’t lose! be proud of me.

Comment by Heidi

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